Cabinet Refinishing offers a complete transformation to your existing cabinets.

If you are generally happy with the layout and functionality of your kitchen cabinets and simply want to change the appearance of the outside, Cabinet Refinishing may be a great solution for you!


We would be happy to advise you on the best course of action, to make your existing cabinets transform into the desired look and feel of YOUR home. Not everyone’s taste is the same and as such, the contractors we work with are experts in creating the custom look without the need for demolition.

cabinet_refinishing_san_diegoCabinet Refinishing may be as straightforward as a spruce up of the existing finish. With this option, the color does not change. Instead the worn areas are simply cleaned and given a new lease on life with a new protective layer (as shown in photo to the right).

From the spruce up level up, the options are almost endless – you may wish to change from a stained cabinet to a painted look, with the possible addition of a glaze.

Note: Existing cabinet door styles will always be a determining factor as to what results may be obtained and the subsequent recommendation of refinishing versus refacing.

499-kitchen-refinish-offer-san-diego-300x202So don’t think your cabinets have to stay the way they are forever more! Show us your ideal kitchen style and you will be given suggestions and up to five estimates, on how to obtain that look in the most economical way possible.