Sinks - Overview

remodel-point-sinks-300x199YOUR KITCHEN SINK

Although the purchase of a kitchen sink may appear to be a straightforward decision, it does require some careful consideration.

Designers refer to sinks as the workhorses of the kitchen and they are!

Sinks factor into the entire cooking process, be it preparation all the way through to the clean up process.  As such, proper selection and placement of your sink is vital in your kitchen remodel.

The size of the kitchen sink will depend on the amount of counter top space available in your cabinet layout.

Standard kitchen sinks generally have one bowl for washing and another for rinsing however in a 150-square foot kitchen, a single bowl sink would be adequate.  Over the years, bowl depth has increased from 8 inches to 10 inch depth to allow for deeper pots and it is possible to finder some sinks even deeper than that.

As mentioned, single bowl sinks are the perfect choice for smaller spaces or as second sinks. Newer designed single bowl sinks are even able to handle larger pots.  They also come in a variety of shapes allowing them to add visual interest to a counter surface.

Double basin sinks are are the standard for many kitchens.  They allow for multitasking with vegetable cleaning in one and soaking pots in the other.  These double bowls also come in asymmetrical designs, with one larger than the other.

Consider how you use your present sink when contemplating your choices in your kitchen remodel.


Sinks can be installed in one of three ways with the choice depending on aesthetics and counter top material.

SELF RIMMING sinks are the easiest and most common installation method.  The sink with built in rim, goes into a hole in the counter top. The space between the sink and counter is then sealed.  Although it is a very popular method of installation, it is not the most sanitary nor the easiest to maintain option as food particles can get caught in the lip when wiping down the counter top.  A well maintained seal will help.

UNDER MOUNT sinks are popular with solid-surface and stone counters.  They provide a sleek and unbroken line across counter making them popular with kitchen Designers.  This installation method is more costly due to the precise cut of the counter top to the shape of the sink and also because the counter top edge has to be finished off around the sink opening.  Nonetheless, a clean and hygienic option.

INTEGRAL sinks are as the name implies, integral to the counter top itself being all one piece.  Although this used to mean solid surface only, today integral sinks/counter top options include stainless steel and stone too.  The heftier price is a consideration but some kitchens truly benefit from this very custom look.

Stainless Steel

18 Gauge Under Mount Except Where Noted
• State-Of-The-Art Forming & Finishing Techniques
• High Quality AISI304 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel
• High Luster Satin Finish
• Full Undercoat Sound Shield With Bottom & Side Pads
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) & IAPMO Tested & Certified
• Double Sinks Shown As Left Hand, Reverse Available


• Unsurpassed Scratch Resistance – Hard As Stone
• Heat Resistance To 536°F
• Stain Resistant & Non-Fading, Even In Sunlight
• Sealed Surface Assures Low Maintenance
• Hybrid – Top Mount & Under Mount

Available Sink Colors
• Onyx
• Colorado
• Alpina