Backsplash and Tile Installation

kitchen-back-splashHaving undergone a transformation in recent years, the backsplash is no longer purely utilitarian.  The backsplash offers opportunity for serious design statements with spots for color, pattern or texture in the kitchen.  It also offer the option of adding a little fun to your remodel.


Typically one may think of the backsplash going behind the sink and above the cooktop, however they may also continue all the way around the work space.  By limiting the splash to one or two areas creates focal points and by contrast, a wraparound splash creates a sense of continuity.

The minimum backsplash height is 4 inches, with 4-6 inches generally considered standard.  For some Designers a short backsplash may appear to create a cluttered look with the horizontal line making the ceiling appear lower.  To overcome this, many Designers prefer the more sophisticated full-height backsplash that stretches from the countertop all the way to the upper cabinets.  A popular compromise is a full-height splash at the cooktop and sink.

A modern approach is to match the countertop and splash.  A granite backsplash behind a granite countertop will look clean and pulled together.  The more old-school approach is to create a contrast and use the splash as an opportunity for art.

A backsplash may at first appear rather insignificant in relationship  to cabinets and appliances, it’s a detail that can really make (or break) the overall look of the space.